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This site was originally intended for our IRC D&D® group, but is also used by DM's and players alike for both online and offline games. We hope it will make it easier for DM's and players to more quickly reference the gaming rules and information, and also allow them to copy/paste information to the IRC channel or other references they are preparing for their games when needed, without having to retype it from the books. This site is not intended as a replacement for the D&D® books, or any other gaming books, but rather as an online tool geared to enhance those books.

Site Concepts and Ideas:

The following are the intended enhancements, both ongoing and not yet begun:

  1. Linking and crosslinking information found in lists and tables to the detailed information for quick and easy reference.
  2. Master index to important information for quicker navigation.
  3. Index of tables for quicker navigation.
  4. *Done* Setting up a searchable index.
  5. *Done* Reformatting the pages for easier reference and reading.
  6. Promoting this site on Search engines to bring this information to the rest of the world.

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